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High-Performance Coaching

EA5 specialises in high-performance coaching to help individuals, teams and organisations to express themselves with freedom.


Our unique coaching approach has been developed through years of working with World Champions and business executives and is built on our EA5 Rating System. This consists of five psychological dimensions that transform decision-making to achieve maximum performance.

We support clients across sports, business and education to improve their ability to perform with freedom, make bold decisions and become inspirational people. Our approach integrates all aspects that contribute to the way someone lives their life. This is an in-depth process that takes time and space for reflection. It is a shared experience.


Our services are designed to help people overcome the unique challenges that come with performing under pressure in their environment.


Our team of consultants work together to deliver bespoke interventions that increase performance. Clients will align with their purpose and true potential. They will be inspired to build a legacy - something much bigger than themselves.


Regular reflection, evaluation and feedback over the client’s journey reinforce new learnings and goes deeper into understanding their identity and values.


EA5 High-Performance Coaching Packages are bespoke to each client and focus on building your ability to perform with freedom.

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What Our Clients Say

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Steven is a psychologist a cut above the rest. With 110% commitment, masses of character, humour and passion for his work he was a great fit amongst our team of World Champions. He came into my life at a time when it was time for me to perform at a world-class level or retire. Through the work we did together he helped me to understand myself better. Applying this understanding I was able to realise my potential, achieve the World Championship medal I had aspired to and transition into retirement happy with what I had achieved and looking forward to what life would bring next. Nearly 10 years on the insights I gained through working with Steve still form the foundation for much of my success in my new career.



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