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Discover how to perform with freedom like a World Champion. Take a deep dive into understanding your decision-making by developing greater self-awareness.

The Performance Rating Day 

The Performance Rating Day is grounded on our 25 years of research and work with World Champions.

The EA5 team will rate your ability to express yourself with freedom against our World Champion criteria. 

This day is arranged into several stages that will examine the way you perform.

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The EA5 Rating

At the end of the day, you will reflect on your experience with the team. You will receive a report highlighting your EA5 Rating. Your score out of five will reflect your ability to express yourself freely. At this stage, we can work out how best to support you. 

What Our Clients Say

"Engaging with this service has been a life-changing experience, providing me with a deep understanding of my mindset and clarity on how to improve my lifestyle straight away. The team's genuine care and personalised approach made me feel valued and heard. Through their guidance on the day, I gained valuable insights into both my mental and physical strengths and weaknesses, empowering me to make positive changes and overcome barriers I have been facing. "

Hannah, UK
Chief Marketing Officer

What Is Included

Time to Review & Reflect on your Work & Life

You will take time to review your work, life and career from a new perspective. This will provide you with clarity and purpose. 


Physical Balance

You will explore new physical training methods to increase your core strength, flexibility, balance and overall mind-body awareness. We will assess your full physical potential and make recommendations as to how to adapt your lifestyle. 


Martial Arts Intensive 

You will learn to embrace your physicality from black-belt martial artists. This will increase your confidence and presence in the workplace, helping you to become a better leader.


Enhance Your Mindset

You will be guided through the art of reflection. Integrate new learning, make bolder decisions and enjoy a new level of performance in your career.

Meet The Team

Director of Coaching



Chartered Psychologist & Author

Performance Coach

BSc (Hons) GMBPsS



(in training)

Performance Coach



Chartered Physiotherapist

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