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An organisation cannot be more effective than its people.

Does your organisation need some help with identifying its DNA ? Are you ready for some dynamic cultural change?

Steven Sylvester Chartered Sport and Organisational Psychologist runs a unique organisational audit (the withoutEGO audit for high performance) and tailored assesments for companies looking for real sustainable change in a very short time frame.

Whether you're a company going through rapid growth, getting ready to sell or merge or simply trying to keep sales on track in a challenging marketplace, your people are your greatest assets and the culture they work in is critical to their well being and ultimate performance.

Creating a work environment that both nurtures and facilitates high performance under pressure is key. It is possible to have both success and wellbeing in the workplace. It's all about creating the right culture so that your staff feel both valued and motivated and importantly, free to perform. The withoutEGO cultural audit is based on 15 years of research with both World Champions and global leaders of business - on what makes them tick and perform under pressure and what makes the ideal environment for sustained high performance. This excerpt below is taken from the article 'How Middlesex won the Championships'.

The story began behind close doors on a rainy April day in Oxford with a frank assessment of Middlesex’s chances. During an abandoned university game the squad talked with psychologist Steven Sylvester.

“We thought people suspected we were a bit soft at times”, Ollie Rayner recalls. "A lot of our focus in pre-season was about how to build a team atmosphere and not think individually. The guys bought into that ethos and we were a really tight unit all year”.

Skipper James Franklin cites Sylvester as an unsung hero: “It was about trying to buy into a culture where we have each other’s backs when times are tough. Middlesex has maybe been perceived as a club that’s had a lot of talented individuals, but there’s always been an underlying ambition to play for England. We’re trying to change that. Playing for Middlesex and doing well for Middlesex will result in those other things just happening.

To read the full article on ‘How Middlesex won the Championship’ after a long 23 year wait in front of a packed crowd at Lords, log onto The Cricketer Magazine's website for the issue


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