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Are you prepared to ask yourself some difficult questions?

Whether you have 'success' or 'stress' (or both) in your life today, are you able to look in the mirror and take some time out to dig deep into your soul and find out just who you really are? After all if you'd like to make changes, don't you need to know at what point you're starting at? When things go well or things go bad, sometimes we just 'carry on' and try to get through, but at what cost? What is the cost to our mental well-being of not taking time to chat to ourselves, to ask ourselves how we really are? What's really going on inside of us, in our lives? It's actually quite tough to do this but if you do, the rewards can be life changing for both us and those close to us. Searching deep inside of ourselves, looking at our own eyes through a mirror and without flinching or looking away (it can feel weird), ask ourselves some of these questions that appear in Detox Your Ego. Steven Sylvester asks his clients all sorts of deep, probing and uncomfortable questions as he believes that it's our avoidance (and inconsistency - saying one thing and doing another) that causes many of our emotional issue's. I was a massive 'emotional avoider' in the past (the quintessential stiff upper lip) until I suffered the tragic and sudden loss of my beautiful Brother and then through the inability to hold in any pent up emotion I just became 'what you see is what you get' and since finding an interest in self-development and finding out more about Steven's philosophy of 'serving others to find your purpose' i've worked hard to keep questioning myself to check I'm ok and honest with myself. Challenge yourself regularly by asking yourself questions. The answers might not come immediately and initially you might answer in a way that you feel expected toanswer but then ask it of yourself again and this time challenge yourself to be really truthful.

What difference do you think you make to others lives? How do you want to be remembered? What stops you chasing your real dreams? What are your fears about dreaming? How could you serve others more in your life ? Could you accept that serving others with your success is the key to your purpose and happiness? What contribution have you made to inspiring others? What legacy will you leave behind when you leave this world?

Heavy, right? but why do we sometimes avoid asking ourselves really deep personal questions? After all we want to know more about those that are close or important to us; their thoughts, their agenda, their goals and reasons for doing or saying things but why not of ourselves? Why shouldn't we invest in knowing ourselves more? Sometimes we get stuck in a day-to-day label; Mother, Father, Boss, Employee and act and answer in according to what we think others expect of us. Perhaps a lot of how we behave, especially at work is based on some kind of ideology or learnt from the traits of a past mentor but we should search deep in ourselves on a regular basis and find out who we actually are and get to know ourselves on a deeper level.

A lot of time might have passed since you last spent time 'reflecting' and 'searching' and you'll be surprised how your thoughts and views will have changed. I've learnt so much myself from asking questions from Detox Your Ego, it's been a really great journey and lots of opportunites have opened up since I took my foot off the break of fear and just let go. Fear of judgement and rejection is the biggest stumbling block to happiness and fulfilling dreams. I'd really recommend taking some time to get to know yourself again. Imagine the freedom to just be the real 'you' - it's like a weight off your shoulders and a finger up to stress!


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