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Are you up for the Challenge? DETOX YOUR EGO

So it's been 15 years in the development and one year to write it up and now just 2 days until it's released and...DETOX YOUR EGO will be available to everyone.

Steven Sylvester's groundbreaking self-help book is aimed at anyone who's looking to find the real reasons they've not achieved their dreams or goals yet. Maybe, just maybe the answer lies in your EGO. ...What is DETOX YOUR EGO? Well, it's a Detox unlike any other you've tried or heard of before. You'll learn from Business Leaders and World Champions how to DETOX YOUR EGO when under the most intense and pressurised situations. It's also not a book written by someone without an Ego, that's explained too. We all have Ego! It's just how much does yours interfere with what you say and do and what you actually achieve in life? DETOX YOUR EGO is about you looking at yourself in a different way; detox means to get rid of something, while ego means a sense of self-importance. DETOX YOUR EGO aims to help you get rid of self interest - especially when you are doing something important. It will, therefore, take you on a journey of insight into the negative impact of winning and allow you to explore a different way of doing things.

It will also ask you a series of probing questions, designed to go deep into your 'hidden assumptions' and 'unconscious bias' to reveal what you really think and feel both at work and home in your relationships. Be prepared. When we gain a greater insight to whom we are and what we do, we become freer, and that new level of freedom automatically increases our happiness. By increasing our happiness we choose to become more successful and selfless with whatever we are doing. It's a deep process in 7 easy steps and really something we should all invest in for ourselves in 2016 - just try it for yourself and see. All the best for a great start to 2016 and thank you for being a part of this process and for your tremendous support.


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