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Do you know the 7 Characteristics of your EGO?

It's been a journey in itself writing DETOX YOUR EGO over this past year. I've thoroughly enjoyed the process of charting my experience of studying & practicing Psychology for 15 years with both business leaders and elite athletes. These incredible people have taught me a lot about how they deal with success & failure and I've been eager to gather this data and add to my own experiences in order to write this book. My passion has always been in studying the Ego and finding out what makes it 'tick' when we're under pressure. To now be able to share with you the 7 Characteristics of Ego and how it manifests itself in our attitude, values, behaviour and beliefs it truly exciting. In DETOX YOUR EGO you'll find out about your Inner, Outer and Transformational Ego for the very first time and I'll explain how you can understand your own Ego and learn to make any necessary self corrections. I aim to help you find out what it is that you choose to avoid in your life and how you can choose to become more selfless when you're striving to achieve something important. Here is a short animation that explains a little of what Leadership withoutEGO is all about. I look forward to you being a part of the withoutEGO community once you've read DETOX YOUR EGO and we can all share the 7 Steps to Freedom, Happiness and Success together. All the best Steven


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