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Rory must add pal to Major bag

Rory must add pal to Major bag By DARREN WITCOOP Sunday Mirror 30 July 2023

RORY MCILROY’S nine year Major drought could be ended with some brain work, and a friendly face. The North­ern Irish­man has been urged to get ‘mind­ful’ as a first step towards a Major renais­sance and get back together with old pal and inspir­a­tion Paul McGin­ley.

Renowned sports psy­cho­lo­gist Steven Sylvester said: “If I was Rory, I would spend extra time increas­ing his mind and body align­ment. He’s a genius on the golf course. He already has all the parts neces­sary to win every time that he steps on the tee. But improv­ing his mind and body integ­ra­tion, even only by a few per­cent­age points, will lead to greater per­form­ances within final rounds at Majors. This is key for him to win his fifth Major.”

Back in 2014, McIl­roy won both The Open and the US PGA in the same sea­son, tak­ing his Major tally to four, and leav­ing him need­ing just a Mas­ters to com­plete the career set. But since then the golf Grand Slam has con­tin­ued to evade the 34-year-old, and hav­ing been among the favour­ites at The Open last week, he came up short again in a tied-sixth.

Steven Sylvester, who works with indi­vidu­als and teams at, urged Mcll­roy to recruit 2014 European Ryder Cup-win­ning cap­tain McGin­ley as part of his team going for­ward. Sylvester believes that work­ing with his close friend could prove the miss­ing ingredi­ent for a McIl­roy Major tri­umph.

“There was something spe­cial about McGin­ley’s lead­er­ship that inspired and motiv­ated McIl­roy to play at higher level at Gle­neagles,” he added. “McIl­roy had a greater sense of belong­ing to his team as well as feel­ing free to execute his indi­vidual expert­ise.

I would strongly recom­mend that McIl­roy recruits McGin­ley for the 2024 sea­son.”


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