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How important is warm-weather training in performance preparation?

Leading Sport Psychologist and author of 'Detox Your Ego' Steven Sylvesterreveals the benefits warm-weather training camps can have on your team's state of mind and mental well-being.

"The benefits of warm-weather training are huge. It allows you to accept working hard in conditions that are unfavourable. You can do high intensity training in warm weather where you fatigue more and it allows you to develop your endurance and in turn, psychologically, it allows you to become more resilient. The players build up a power base of being able to cope with hard work in hot conditions. High humidity, high heat and training harder, creates a training effect, especially with altitude.

"An overseas training camp also brings a change in perspective which shifts players attention. It gives them a lift due to all of the things built into being away from their usual routine; so, not only their training, but the change of environment, the banter, the fun, the stories, the singing, whatever it is - it allows the players to have a change in perspective."

For more information on Steven Sylvester and the withoutEGO Philosophy used in Elite Sport and Business, please visit @TheSportPsychologist Facebook page Read the full article by Claire Bloomfield here: FCbusiness online version


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