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Many of the leaders we spoke to in our whitepaper shared how they have developed their leadership skills and style over time. Largely, this was shaped by personal experience, as they worked their way up through a business.

For Gemma McCall, CEO of Culture Shift, she learned from the challenge of being a mum and going back into the workplace, whereas Michael Teixeira, CEO of MVF, believes his background working in the City helped him.

Aside from these practical experiences, there are plenty of resources out there that can offer a fresh perspective on leadership – from books to videos and podcasts. They contain nuggets of advice, strategies and ideas that can be taken onboard and applied to your day-to-day leadership style.

Ultimately, everyone will have their own way of managing a team and the only way to truly test your leadership skills is to put them into practice – but there are some useful insights for those who are looking for guidance.

Here's a book we recommend

Our whitepaper contributor Phil Jones, CEO at Brother UK, worked very closely with psychologist and author Steven Sylvester to learn more about becoming a better leader. The key message from Sylvester’s book is to not let an inflated ego interfere when you are doing something important. He outlines seven steps you can take to avoid this – many of which will help business leaders to empower others while achieving success themselves.


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