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Mind the Gap - How inconsistent are you?

Increasing your awareness of how you separate feelings from action impacts your health and happiness. A big gap between them is dangerous and can lead to high levels of stress and ill health. You should work very hard to close the gap between your feelings and action in order to increase your health and happiness both at work and home. How do you go about reconciling differences between what you say and what you do? How can you become more consistent with everyone? How can you begin the process of being open with what you feel? These are difficult questions to resolve. Your challenge starts today. In order to self-correct your gap you must be prepared to be open and look at your inconsistencies. Your inconsistencies in how you treat others are there for a reason. There must be some benefit to what you feel, say and do. Do you know what your benefit is? Are you ready to find out?- DETOX YOUR EGO


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