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Stress at work - tell me about it!

Working today with some high successful and driven sales people, one topic we talked about was 'How do you deal with stress at work?'. The responses were so varied but the concerning matter of feeling a need to hide our struggles at work were revealed. Sometimes feeling under pressure to hit a tight deadlines or close a difficult deal can be overwhelming especially when things might be coming at you from other directions too. There might be an issue with a new client, a mistake that you've not covered off or a colleague or client that's being difficult or even abusive in some way. Not only can keeping stress inside create physical illness but it can also damage the much needed relationships around you at a time when you need them the most. You might be extra snappy and push people away or withdraw and appear aloof, when really all you want is some help. There was a sense in our meeting today that by showing the feelings of stress, you might appear to be not coping and therefore failing in some way. We need to remember no one is impenetrable, internalising abuse is wrong and harmful and leads to stress. It is not a sign of weakness to show our emotions and feelings within our workplace. As Manager's, we need to encourage a culture of openness so that individuals can talk freely about their stress in the workplace. Unraveling feelings and emotions within the workplace, maximises performance and creates a healthy environment where your employees feel safe and cared for. Claudia For more information see our website here and make contact


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