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What stops you winning and performing at your best?

What stops you winning and performing at your best?

Your Ego!

Your Ego ensures you get in the way of yourself when you're doing something important: whether you're preparing for school exams, taking your driving test, playing sport, speaking in public or making a business presentation. Whatever you do, your ego is sure to interfere with your performance. We all have Egos: it's our natural defence system which is triggered when we experience strong emotions such as anxiety and fear.

I believe the pursuit of winning for oneself, like smoking, should come with a Government Health Warning - it can seriously damage your health. This is a journey of self-discovery, a process that enables you to build self-esteem and have a higher degree of freedom when performing.

In Detox your EGO, I'll share the seven easy steps to be freer, happier and more successful in your life.


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