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"When we focus on a deeper purpose for our goals we can achieve anything"​

As Moeen Ali is recalled to the England squad for the second Test against India on Thursday, we take a insightful look at his mental preparation over his England career. According to @StevenSylvester, the Chartered Sports Psychologist who has worked closely with Moeen in his career, the Worcestershire and England all-rounder is the antithesis of the typical modern- day sportsman. “We've worked together on a concept called ‘withoutEGO’, Sylvester said. “Moeen plays a lot without ego. It’s not just about him and runs, being result-driven and success. It’s about what he can do to be the best possible role model in his sport to showcase what’s important for young people in terms of work ethic, commitment and standards. “It’s about being humble and having gratitude. The programme we have worked through is about understanding selfishness on one end of the continuum and selflessness at the other end. The idea of withoutEGO is what can you contribute back, what is your purpose here and what can you see beyond yourself? “What’s amazing about Mo is his commitment to think broader about his impact using cricket as that vehicle.” “The religious and spiritual undertones help him. You combine that with the psychology of our withoutEGO stuff which is not about scoring runs, it’s about the way you bat,” Sylvester said. “It’s not about taking wickets, it’s about how you bowl and how you are developing that bowling. What lines, what lengths, how many revs are you putting on the ball – it’s a slightly different approach. When asked about the Psychology process Steven Sylvester and Moeen had worked on together, Moeen had this to say “He helped me embrace what I am all about,” Moeen says. “He helped me see the bigger picture and the role of cricket in my life. Cricket, basically, is just a game and, by understanding that I have a greater purpose, I can relax and not worry about what happens on the pitch.” The story of learning how to increase performance 'withoutEGO and how it can help you perform at a consistent & higher level can be found in the book DETOX YOUR EGO. Read 'behind the scenes' stories from the world of international sport and business and what happens when these people went through the 'ego detox' process to reach their ultimate goals. Available for next day delivery on Amazon, click this link to get your copy.


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