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Winning is ‘never enough’ if that’s all you have in your life

Thank you to Author and Leadership expert Philip Whiteley for this review on Amazon for DETOX YOUR EGO this week. Philip is an author and journalist, specialising in the working environment and business performance. I wanted to share his review with you to demonstrate how the crossover from Elite Sport can assist in Company's looking to achieve high performance under pressure and in difficult times. Operating withoutEGO (serving others) has a massive impact and benefit to individuals, teams and the overall organisation's wellbeing and performance. When I began Detox Your Ego, by Steven Sylvester, I bought the premise, but I wondered if there was a huge amount I could learn. I’ve studied emotionally intelligent leadership, employee engagement and appreciative inquiry. I was very well aware, so I thought, of the counter-intuitive nature of success: how a narrow focus on success can make it less likely. What Steven brings is new however: a usable, personal guide to help one focus on serving others. I don’t think I’ve read a book before that was quite so practical and spiritual at the same time. He’s a sports psychologist and there are fascinating insights into how fragile the self-confidence of high-achievers can be, and how winning is ‘never enough’ if that’s all you have in your life. I’d have liked more details of dialogue with some of his clients, but he’ll be bound by confidentiality and keen not to let slip details that could betray someone’s identity. During the course of reading this book, I’ve been very busy; indeed, my business as a self-employed writer really picked up, which of course is a coincidence. Probably. This review is on Amazon for: Detox Your Ego: 7 easy steps to achieving freedom, happiness and success in your life (Paperback). Also available on Kindle and Audio. 5 out of 5 star reviews. Visit here: I wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't let you know to tune into Premier Radio tomorrow morning 8am til 9am to listen to Steven Sylvester as the studio guest on the Inspirational Breakfast Show "Can you give up your Ego?" Claudia Sales & Marketing Leadership withoutEGO


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