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Your invitation to a DETOX YOUR EGO 'Power Hour' in London

Increase your health, happiness and purpose. What do you do when the heat is on? Is winning at all cost your number one priority? How do you cope with not getting what you want? These and a lot of other soul searching questions are at the heart of this one hour talk from Steven at the new and cool venue - The Hoxton in Holborn. Steven Sylvester was a professional cricketer, and is now a leading Chartered Psychologist working with athletes and executives, helping to enhance their performance and their lives. His new book ‘Detox Your Ego’ helps you look at yourself in a different way, flipping self on it’s side to become selfless. Learning to win for the team and keep that ego under wraps, will lead to a more fulfilled life along with greater success and more personal freedom, and you can’t ask for better than that….not in this life. With the great team at Indytute they have priced this event at less than the cost of a copy of DETOX YOUR EGO. Needless to say there are limited places. Included is a glass of wine and a personally signed copy of the book. Look forward to seeing you there on the 22nd February at 6.45pm (Come straight from work). Here's the website to book your place.


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