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Meet Robbie

Robbie is a Taekwon-Do World Champion, Chartered Physiotherapist, and Personal Trainer. He holds both an MSc in Physiotherapy and a BSc in Sport and Exercise Sciences from the University of Birmingham.


Robbie has provided care in various specialities within the NHS, ranging from musculoskeletal outpatient clinics to intensive care units during the COVID-19 pandemic. His experience extends into private practice providing neurological rehabilitation and now into elite sport.

Robbie is passionate about martial arts and calisthenics. He is a 2nd dan Taekwon-Do black belt, Jiu-Jitsu blue belt and former club captain for the University of Birmingham gymnastics team and has competed nationally across these sports. These pursuits have developed an intrigue in understanding the mind-body connection for improving health and performance. This led to a recent sabbatical period to Thailand to pursue his childhood dreams of training full-time at, the now famous, Tiger Muay Thai Gym in Phuket. This was an opportunity for time and space to reflect on his physiotherapy experience, learn from Eastern culture and train with the best fighters in the world. A highlight was training with Rafael Fiziev, number 6 lightweight in the UFC, and then being able to watch him fight live at UFC 286 in London with a professional football client. Robbie now brings his wealth of expertise to EA5. He supports Premier League and international football players to better integrate their body with their mind. In addition, he delivers educational talks and workshops to high school students. Through sharing his own experiences and personal stories this can help clients better understand their potential.

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