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High-Performance Coaching

Steven specialises in high-performance coaching to help individuals, teams and organisations to express themselves with freedom.


His unique coaching approach has been developed through years of working with World Champions and business executives and is built on his unique Performance Rating System. This consists of five psychological dimensions that transform decision-making to achieve maximum performance.

Steven supports clients across sports, business and education to improve their ability to perform with freedom, make bold decisions and become inspirational people. His approach integrates all aspects that contribute to the way someone lives their life. This is an in-depth process that takes time and space for reflection. It is a shared experience.


His services are designed to help people overcome the unique challenges that come with performing under pressure in their environment.


His team of consultants work together to deliver bespoke interventions that increase performance. Clients will align with their purpose and true potential. They will be inspired to build a legacy - something much bigger than themselves.


Regular reflection, evaluation and feedback over the client’s journey reinforce new learnings and goes deeper into understanding their identity and values.


Steven's High-Performance Coaching Packages are bespoke to each client and focus on building your ability to perform with freedom.

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What Our Clients Say

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Steven is a psychologist a cut above the rest. With 110% commitment, masses of character, humour and passion for his work he was a great fit amongst our team of World Champions. He came into my life at a time when it was time for me to perform at a world-class level or retire. Through the work we did together he helped me to understand myself better. Applying this understanding I was able to realise my potential, achieve the World Championship medal I had aspired to and transition into retirement happy with what I had achieved and looking forward to what life would bring next. Nearly 10 years on the insights I gained through working with Steve still form the foundation for much of my success in my new career.



Organisational Culture and Change 

Truly Understanding Your Organisations
Culture and Managing Change 

Steven Sylevster Consulting specialises in navigating complex organisational changes by focusing on the human side of transition. His approach, supported by the Performance Rating System, empowers leaders and teams to build togetherness, clarity, and resilience throughout the process.

Whether it's improving performance, transforming culture, or integrating systems, Steven prioritises effective planned change to achieve desired outcomes. He assists leaders in understanding their team's experiences and offers tailored support. This includes exploring new work structures, addressing challenges, and designing programmes that foster acceptance and openness.

Steven engages with teams at various levels, including board, director, manager, technical and sales to ensure successful engagement at all levels. Culture change requires courage and commitment. He helps inspire staff, establish new working dynamics, and navigate boundaries across sectors and disciplines. His expertise lies in managing complexity and reconciling contextual and cultural differences to establish a new, integrated way of working.

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Leadership Development 

Leadership that transforms.

In today's fast-paced organisations, exceptional leaders are needed, those who are authentic, emotionally intelligent, and can confidently make decisions under pressure. They provide clarity in uncertain situations, inspire their teams and the entire organisation, and turn strategic decisions into tangible results. As organisations become more flexible and interconnected, leadership extends beyond traditional boundaries, presenting both opportunities and challenges. Steven's Performance Rating System offers a unique approach that significantly enhances a leader's capabilities and potential by helping them to think with freedom.

His approach helps leaders to gain a deeper understanding of the emotional and psychological dimensions often underestimated in organisational life. This heightened awareness enables them to foster collaborative and high-performing team environments. It also equips leaders to effectively navigate change, uncertainty, and the contrast between networked environments and traditional structures. By doing so, leaders develop their own agency, authority, and influence.

Steven offers various avenues for leadership development. His executive coaching provides personalised support to individuals, while his team development interventions facilitate group learning among leaders. Additionally, he designs bespoke leadership development programmes that combine reflection and experiential learning to maximise the level of freedom throughout any organsiation.


Team Effectiveness

Developing an effective team

Steven helps organisations enhance teamwork by creating a preferred team culture that maximises performance despite challenges. With his expertise in high-performing teams, he provides valuable insights into team dynamics and strengths, addressing unhelpful patterns and facilitating desired changes. Steven's tailored services draw upon 25 years of experience, offering standalone sessions or comprehensive programs to resolve conflict, promote reflection, and unlock team potential in turbulent environments.

Steven engages with teams at various levels, including board, director, manager, technical and sales who face uncertainty and resistance. He also supports leaders to inspire shared purpose, establish new relationships, and navigate working across departments within their organisation. Steven's aim is to facilitate a new, integrated way of working that embraces context and cultural differences. As a result, clients who engage in Steven's team effectiveness consulting are able to express themselves with freedom.

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What clients say


“I have worked with Steve for over 5 years both personally and professionally. He has helped me understand my self, my relationships, my attitudes, my aspirations, fears and motivations. Steve has a rare ability to truly understand people and a solid insight on how businesses work. Combining these two things enables Steve to offer a refreshing and powerful perspective in what makes us all “tick” and how the whole really can be greater than the sum of it’s parts.”

Paul LeamanVP EMEA at HP - HyperX

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