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The 5-Day Mindset Antibiotic

A new way to deal with panic and anxiety in professional sport

Whilst capitalising on physical and technical data, sports teams fail to fully integrate mindset data. This is resulting in a significant increase in panic and anxiety amongst athletes.

An interdisciplinary approach has been pioneered by Steven Sylvester in the world of business psychology. His mindset data analysis of senior executives revealed how to reduce panic and anxiety across the organisation to maximise performance and improve the bottom-line of many blue-chip and SME businesses.

Steven then took this approach and applied it into sport, working with many elite athletes who became World Champions. He discovered a clear performance advantage in athletes who integrated their physical and technical data with his assessment of their mindset under pressure. This experience was used to create the EA5 process that can rapidly and permanently shift an athlete’s thinking. They were able to perform with freedom when it counted the most.

True effectiveness of integrating physical, technical and mindset data cannot be fully achieved without alignment between and athlete and their management, team and staff. This is challenging to accomplish. However, true integration matters not only at a system level, with discipline heads converging from the outset, but also at the internal level of the individuals in the system.

In recent times, more athletes are coming forward struggling to cope with stress. The EA5 Mindset Antibiotic helps an individual athlete to self-diagnose their panic and anxiety and explore immediate solutions.

The approach is best understood in comparison to the medical model. A doctor assesses a patient’s condition before prescribing them an antibiotic to take in order to rapidly improve their health. Likewise, Steven will make a diagnoses of an athlete's current decision-making. This will highlight what needs to be changed to improve their thinking, especially when under pressure. A series of interventions will be recommended to shift the their decision-making to a new state. When an athlete follows the prescription, in a similar way to taking a course of antibiotics, the their performance is significantly improved.

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