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Developing Collective Excellence

When Business Leader’s conduct organisational transformation, they need to address the interconnectivity between leadership, culture and performance. This will yield vital data that will inform their ‘planned changed’ process.

It is vital that in order for any of the ‘planned change’ interventions to work, then the leaders total willingness and commitment to the process is required. Each leader (individual) needs to explore and assess where they sit on the continuum from selfishness, at one end, to selflessness, at the other end. Significant changes in leadership, culture and performance only occurs when a critical mass of different groups (teams) begin to develop a shared purpose over a long time frame.

Regular meetings and check-ins with both individuals and teams across a fiscal year (usually each quarter) drive greater levels of responsibility and accountability. Working with the withoutEGO Leadership philosophy over this period enables leaders and staff to truly understand the powerful combination of individual expertise and collective excellence that ultimately result in desired changes to the leadership, culture and performance of the organisation.


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