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Thank You - An Open Letter

Dear player,

Ahead of this new Premier League & Championship season, I wanted to take this moment to say well done and thank you for all your leadership.

On the one hand, the world sees you as successful, wealthy & famous and having it all. While on the other hand, I know all the strains, pressure and sacrifice you’ve gone through to be ready to play.

I really do understand what it takes to put what you’ve crafted in your life on public display for the world to see. I wanted to say how inspiring that is and how much of a credit you are to your family, friends and community. It’s beautiful to watch you go out there and express yourself and do the things you love in the face of scrutiny and pressure.

It takes your special character to put what you do on public display regardless of the results.

Not many people in the world are putting their life & work out there for the public to judge and criticise.

You’re an entertainer, so have no expectations that your performances will come with praise in this critical and negative world.

Accept this world for what it is and go out there and be appreciative of all you have achieved in your life and know you are doing a lot of good to a lot of people by the way you do your job.

You’ve shown such courage and stature as a person.

Thank you and well done again.

Here’s to a great season.

Steven x


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